The life of an Indian girl.

So hello there. This is going to be a bit personal, but I’m going to vent out on the internet because I want views and opinions(I am open to scrutiny) AND predominantly because I am very very frustrated right now. 

As an Indian child, you are expected to act and behave a certain way, and are debarred from doing certain things( certain actually includes ALOT of things you cannot imagine). For children growing in this new generation where there’s such a shift of culture and values- basically children like myself- this “Indian sanskar” is very annoying. 

Hear me out alright, and tell me if you find ANY logic in their way of thinking. So as a teenager, you’re disallowed from meeting people of the opposite sex-it’s literally considered a sin. “Hanging out with boys” makes you a girl with low morals. And you’re treated this way until up about 24.

Then you are expected to get married( to the person of the opposite sex of course, because they are unwelcoming to homosexuality and that makes me very angry because it’s even illegal in our country). So they expect you to spend the rest of your life with a boy when they’ve restricted you from hanging out with them ever since a young age. Further more, NOT wanting to have children is a sin. So, now that I have reached a particular age they want me to engage in sexual activity with people of the opposite sex? Hai ram! Isn’t that haram? It’s a sin!!!! How can one do such a thing! 

Yes people this is how Indian mentality works, sadly my parents are also like this. They just do not understand that at my age it’s completely natural for people to like each other( in the romantic way) and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Apparently I’m too young to understand what’s love. Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re right. But they cannot judge me like this. It seems like they’re never satisfied. By the way this works for boys too. There are so many cases where women are forced into marriages with men they’ve never met before and end up having horrible marriages BUT hey, divorce is not an option. Free will? Woh kya Hota hai? Divorce is considered a taboo. So is sex yeah, but you must have children. Just putting this out there,because it just makes so much sense you see.

Also another point I would like to bring up here is how limited our career choices are here. It’s either Doctor or Engineer or be shunned by society. Beta, study study study. I’m going to become a doctor by the way, not because of my parents but because I am in love with the subject of medicine, I want to save lives, and probably discover something interesting along the way. Of course they don’t give a fuck about any of this 🙂 they just want to boast to the rest of the family members( I have atleast 200 cousins I haven’t even met) about their daughter being a doctor. YAY! 
There’s more I’ve gotta say, but tell you later, good bye for now


The schools-almost-over post

It’s peculiar that you feel completely different things around different people. Out of my considerably big friend circle, I realise there are only 2-3 people I genuinely trust. It’s all about how differently they make me feel.

By the last lap of school life, we begin to care less and focus on the things that matter. Maybe it’s the level of maturity, maybe it’s the realisation that all the drama and hatred is pointless, and that eventually it’s the little things that matter. I can say that without a doubt, high school has been amazing. Despite the mood swings, raging hormones and a few occasional lows, it’s been a roller coaster- like Augustus Waters said- that only goes up.

Maybe I’m writing this because of all the “feels” I’ve got inside me, I can’t possibly encompass in this post how much school life means to me, And how grateful I am to be blessed with the most amazing bunch of people I can call “friends”.

The post about beauty

“Beauty is a curse,it hides the worlds true monsters”
I read that quote on tumblr and was honestly disappointed at the worlds perception of beauty. There my friends were,nodding in agreement not really understanding the inner meaning to the word.

Words are powerful, words can make a difference. For instance the word “love” can be so impactful just by the mention of it. For me it brings back memories- beautiful and terrible ones; and gives me the chills because it reminds me of what I expect to come ahead,on my path of life.

Everyone thinks beauty is just looking pretty. No way I AM SO AGAINST THAT.
It is a strong word. Would you rather someone called you pretty or beautiful. Most would prefer the latter. The thing is you cannot really explain why, you know as a fact that it’s true but some things are just better left unexplained. And I believe everyone is beautiful. And monsters? They reside in all of us but we should suppress them,that is all.

A little bit more about myself.

Hello. In my first post I had given you guys a brief intro about myself :3So here’s more. I’m almost sixteen, doing my second last year in high school. And to be honest, I’m just waiting to get out there in the real world and face real challanges. I’m waiting for a new life,since I’m kindof fed up of the high school life. Filled with drama, gossip, bitching, fake friends. That’s how it is for most people around me. But I’m as happy as a clam, I have a bunch of friends who I know are true to me, and love me for who I am. Everyone else? Probably talks about me behind my back, saying things that aren’t even true,and judging me from what little they know about me. The thing is,I don’t care, so they’re just wasting their time.

Now the superficial details. I want to be a surgeon, so I’m going to have to work really hard to get into medschool. I am trying. I love music,it is my life. I would love to pursue a singing career as well. I play the guitar and piano, it means everything to me. I am also a foodie, I love to cook, try new kinds of food,but I’m supposed to be on a diet so,it’s really difficult because my friends get too much of yummy food and I can’t resist it.

So remember, it’s none of your business what people think of you. Expect nothing and accept everything. That is the key to happiness.