the birthday post

SO TODAY WAS MY SWEET 16th and I felt so good about myself and was so happy as compared to last year. Where I cried on my birthday because my boyfriend had broken up with me and he was an immature faggot/cunt who fought with me even on my birthday. most people hated me and fake rumors were spread about me by this person who pretended to be my best friend.


And now looking at how good life is- I got rid of both of these toxic people from my life and the repercussions of my last years mistake still prevail a bit. But most of it is fixed and I’m in such a good place right now:)

I would change a thing. Thanks to my family, friends,good friends, best friends and even those people who posted “HBD” on my wall:’)

I feel loved lucky and happy.


The post about beauty

“Beauty is a curse,it hides the worlds true monsters”
I read that quote on tumblr and was honestly disappointed at the worlds perception of beauty. There my friends were,nodding in agreement not really understanding the inner meaning to the word.

Words are powerful, words can make a difference. For instance the word “love” can be so impactful just by the mention of it. For me it brings back memories- beautiful and terrible ones; and gives me the chills because it reminds me of what I expect to come ahead,on my path of life.

Everyone thinks beauty is just looking pretty. No way I AM SO AGAINST THAT.
It is a strong word. Would you rather someone called you pretty or beautiful. Most would prefer the latter. The thing is you cannot really explain why, you know as a fact that it’s true but some things are just better left unexplained. And I believe everyone is beautiful. And monsters? They reside in all of us but we should suppress them,that is all.

The teenage truth.

Sometimes life is so calm,that you just want to do nothing and not care. And sometimes it’s like a roller coaster ride. But what life really is is short. It’s short and precious and beautiful, so just do whatever the hell you want. Don’t be dependent on anyone or anything just live, just let go. People always leave so don’t rely on them,really. Live without regrets because at one point of time that what you did was exactly what you wanted. And if not,it’s just a lesson learnt. And don’t be too concerned about the consequences- live in the moment. If you want to do drugs do drugs(actually I suggest you don’t) If you wanna be a hoe go ahead it’s your life and NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO PEOPLE WILL JUDGE. Don’t be mad at people for no reason, it’s stupid. Realize who your friends are and stick to them. Sometimes if you feel like they don’t really care, and they keep getting mad at you just face the real truth of life- sometimes all you have is yourself. So try to make the most of it anyway; just live 🙂

The post about “love”

Lately I’ve been obsessed with this old song- Heaven by Bryan Adams. Honestly it’s the most beautiful song ever heard. It got me thinking,what makes songs so special? Songs like this which we rarely come across, are always about love- no exceptions. And listening to these kind of songs gives me the chills, I feel a wave of emotions.
Why is it that songs like this are about love,always? Maybe it’s because love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m only 15, maybe I haven’t found ‘love’ yet. Once I came across a quote “There are different kinds of love,but never the same love twice”. Maybe it’s true love I haven’t found yet,and I’m sure that’s going to be amazing. But I know I’ve found other kinds of love I’ve found- love that teaches lessons, love that is one-sided and depressing. I know true love is going to be all of these- painful,exhausting,annoying,amazing,and selfless,but it’s going to be beautiful because there’ll always be a kindle of hope within the heart,which will never be extinguished. I can’t even describe how excited I am for that special day when I meet that special person.

The post about little moments

Today was Sunday,beginning of the week,bummer. The year 11s have to be In charge of primary classes and most of us find kids annoying. First off we have so much of work to do and “duty” which is mandatory. My kids-I call them my kids- because I love them. They are so adorable and they make me smile and feel so good about myself. Today the little kids came up to me and asked if they could draw me, they drew me as a princess and a fairy and some even as a vampire! They wrote “I love hannah ma’am she’s so kind” I can’t even express how happy I felt,it’s amazing what joy little things can bring. It made me realize- life is all about living in the moment. It’s small precious moments like this which matter. When I finish living all that’s going to be left is beautiful memories to reminisce. So my message to all of you is live in the moment,spread the love, and when you do you’ll realize how beautiful life really is.


A little bit more about myself.

Hello. In my first post I had given you guys a brief intro about myself :3So here’s more. I’m almost sixteen, doing my second last year in high school. And to be honest, I’m just waiting to get out there in the real world and face real challanges. I’m waiting for a new life,since I’m kindof fed up of the high school life. Filled with drama, gossip, bitching, fake friends. That’s how it is for most people around me. But I’m as happy as a clam, I have a bunch of friends who I know are true to me, and love me for who I am. Everyone else? Probably talks about me behind my back, saying things that aren’t even true,and judging me from what little they know about me. The thing is,I don’t care, so they’re just wasting their time.

Now the superficial details. I want to be a surgeon, so I’m going to have to work really hard to get into medschool. I am trying. I love music,it is my life. I would love to pursue a singing career as well. I play the guitar and piano, it means everything to me. I am also a foodie, I love to cook, try new kinds of food,but I’m supposed to be on a diet so,it’s really difficult because my friends get too much of yummy food and I can’t resist it.

So remember, it’s none of your business what people think of you. Expect nothing and accept everything. That is the key to happiness.