Memoirs of ISC 2015- my last set of school exams

Unfortunately(or fortunately) I’ve decided to choose an extremely difficult career path. But I’m certain the end result will be fruitful. Now for a little background let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve never been a hard worker, throughout my school life. I patch up things at the last minute, and most of the time not even well enough. Until I reached 12th grade. I realised my full potential, and a spark of competitiveness and determination arose within me. The primary reason to this was that I realised how incredibly stupid I was being all this while- I could’ve done SO much better in my academics for the past years. But it’s okay- I don’t believe in regrets *takes a deep breath* anyway, over the last two years of my school life I’ve built such strong bonds with some pretty important people and that I consider my greatest achievement. So my friends from the boys section are the boys of 12B. Hilarious, fun to be around with, and genuinely nice guys. Love ’em! But they’re a bit sexist, they think girls are incapable and THAT was my motivation. That’s one of the main reasons I worked harder than I ever did in 12th grade and even though I did things last minute, I did it so well, and was extremely determined and focused. Fast forward to prelims. The topper in prelims becomes valedictorian, and I wanted it to be a girl. So I got 96. Roshan 96.25 and Taha 96.5 .. But for some reason they looked at 2nd term marks and took the average of it so roshan ended up getting it. Well I didn’t feel too bad tbh because he works harder than anyone else, so much deserved.

After prelims I’ve been pretty sad about college, and other personal stuff , and I decided to not study much so that I can focus really well for boards.
Boards start tomorrow! Wish me luck.


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