The schools-almost-over post

It’s weird how you feel completely different things around different people. Out of my considerably big friend circle, I realise there are only 2-3 people I genuinely trust. It’s all about how differently they make me feel.

By the last lap of school life, we begin to care less and focus on the things that matter. Maybe it’s the level of maturity, maybe it’s the realisation that all the drama and hatred is pointless, and that eventually it’s the little things that matter. I can say that without a doubt, high school has been amazing. Despite the mood swings, raging hormones and a few occasional lows, it’s been a roller coaster- like Augustus Waters said- that only goes up.

Maybe I’m writing this because of all the “feels” I’ve got, I can’t possibly express in this post how much school life means to me, And how grateful I am to be blessed with the most amazing bunch of people I can call “friends”.