Post dedicated to my best friend.

I haven’t written since my sweet 16th,last year which is about 6 months ago. Wow,time really flies. Here I am, lazily lying on the couch and contemplating – where will I be in another year? Out of school, for sure. Feels like just yesterday, I had entered class 4B in 2006, 8 years ago. Short, stout and with hair as messy as a “birds’ nest” I found my place next to this extremely tall girl. Soon enough, we clicked, we bonded, we became best friends. It’s been a long 9 years and our school life will soon come to an end. We’ve become only closer, and the beauty of our friendship is that even silences are not awkward, and even though we see each other literally every day, we never get bored of each other. That’s real love.
Now I’m much taller than my best friend and we’re tight as can be. I’m positive we’ll remain best friends forever. Sometimes you just need one person to make you happy,no matter what❤️


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