the birthday post

SO TODAY WAS MY SWEET 16th and I felt so good about myself and was so happy as compared to last year. Where I cried on my birthday because my boyfriend had broken up with me and he was an immature faggot/cunt who fought with me even on my birthday. most people hated me and fake rumors were spread about me by this person who pretended to be my best friend.


And now looking at how good life is- I got rid of both of these toxic people from my life and the repercussions of my last years mistake still prevail a bit. But most of it is fixed and I’m in such a good place right now:)

I would change a thing. Thanks to my family, friends,good friends, best friends and even those people who posted “HBD” on my wall:’)

I feel loved lucky and happy.


The post about beauty

“Beauty is a curse,it hides the worlds true monsters”
I read that quote on tumblr and was honestly disappointed at the worlds perception of beauty. There my friends were,nodding in agreement not really understanding the inner meaning to the word.

Words are powerful, words can make a difference. For instance the word “love” can be so impactful just by the mention of it. For me it brings back memories- beautiful and terrible ones; and gives me the chills because it reminds me of what I expect to come ahead,on my path of life.

Everyone thinks beauty is just looking pretty. No way I AM SO AGAINST THAT.
It is a strong word. Would you rather someone called you pretty or beautiful. Most would prefer the latter. The thing is you cannot really explain why, you know as a fact that it’s true but some things are just better left unexplained. And I believe everyone is beautiful. And monsters? They reside in all of us but we should suppress them,that is all.