The teenage truth.

Sometimes life is so calm,that you just want to do nothing and not care. And sometimes it’s like a roller coaster ride. But what life really is is short. It’s short and precious and beautiful, so just do whatever the hell you want. Don’t be dependent on anyone or anything just live, just let go. People always leave so don’t rely on them,really. Live without regrets because at one point of time that what you did was exactly what you wanted. And if not,it’s just a lesson learnt. And don’t be too concerned about the consequences- live in the moment. If you want to do drugs do drugs(actually I suggest you don’t) If you wanna be a hoe go ahead it’s your life and NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO PEOPLE WILL JUDGE. Don’t be mad at people for no reason, it’s stupid. Realize who your friends are and stick to them. Sometimes if you feel like they don’t really care, and they keep getting mad at you just face the real truth of life- sometimes all you have is yourself. So try to make the most of it anyway; just live 🙂