The post about “love”

Lately I’ve been obsessed with this old song- Heaven by Bryan Adams. Honestly it’s the most beautiful song ever heard. It got me thinking,what makes songs so special? Songs like this which we rarely come across, are always about love- no exceptions. And listening to these kind of songs gives me the chills, I feel a wave of emotions.
Why is it that songs like this are about love,always? Maybe it’s because love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m only 15, maybe I haven’t found ‘love’ yet. Once I came across a quote “There are different kinds of love,but never the same love twice”. Maybe it’s true love I haven’t found yet,and I’m sure that’s going to be amazing. But I know I’ve found other kinds of love I’ve found- love that teaches lessons, love that is one-sided and depressing. I know true love is going to be all of these- painful,exhausting,annoying,amazing,and selfless,but it’s going to be beautiful because there’ll always be a kindle of hope within the heart,which will never be extinguished. I can’t even describe how excited I am for that special day when I meet that special person.


The post about little moments

Today was Sunday,beginning of the week,bummer. The year 11s have to be In charge of primary classes and most of us find kids annoying. First off we have so much of work to do and “duty” which is mandatory. My kids-I call them my kids- because I love them. They are so adorable and they make me smile and feel so good about myself. Today the little kids came up to me and asked if they could draw me, they drew me as a princess and a fairy and some even as a vampire! They wrote “I love hannah ma’am she’s so kind” I can’t even express how happy I felt,it’s amazing what joy little things can bring. It made me realize- life is all about living in the moment. It’s small precious moments like this which matter. When I finish living all that’s going to be left is beautiful memories to reminisce. So my message to all of you is live in the moment,spread the love, and when you do you’ll realize how beautiful life really is.


A little bit more about myself.

Hello. In my first post I had given you guys a brief intro about myself :3So here’s more. I’m almost sixteen, doing my second last year in high school. And to be honest, I’m just waiting to get out there in the real world and face real challanges. I’m waiting for a new life,since I’m kindof fed up of the high school life. Filled with drama, gossip, bitching, fake friends. That’s how it is for most people around me. But I’m as happy as a clam, I have a bunch of friends who I know are true to me, and love me for who I am. Everyone else? Probably talks about me behind my back, saying things that aren’t even true,and judging me from what little they know about me. The thing is,I don’t care, so they’re just wasting their time.

Now the superficial details. I want to be a surgeon, so I’m going to have to work really hard to get into medschool. I am trying. I love music,it is my life. I would love to pursue a singing career as well. I play the guitar and piano, it means everything to me. I am also a foodie, I love to cook, try new kinds of food,but I’m supposed to be on a diet so,it’s really difficult because my friends get too much of yummy food and I can’t resist it.

So remember, it’s none of your business what people think of you. Expect nothing and accept everything. That is the key to happiness.

The Reason MOST Diets Fail

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The term “diet” is interpreted many different ways but it always comes back to two related concepts that are basic to health and fitness. Many people think of diet in the original sense, a regiment of solid and liquid food that provides the body with energy, vitamins, minerals, and all the necessary elements to functional properly. The other common definition of diet is a structured schedule of specific foods to eat in hopes of losing weight by reducing body fat and boosting overall health. This is the term used for fad diets, crash diets, juice diets, and so on. Today we’ll look at why many diets fail and the two choices everyone should consider before trying to change their eating habits.

The first problem that people make when picking a diet is jumping on a new fad, like a small berry…

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Hope and Fear



This being my first post, I’ll start off with a short intro. I’m Hannah and I’m 16 I love to write, so I made this.
I used to be one of those typical bitchy teenagers. I actually cared about popularity, and boys, and other such absurd things. But I also used to got attached, and hurt easily. Looking back, I’ve come a long way. faced a lot of difficulties, but most importantly learnt significant life lessons. One of them is, never give up hope.

We all live in a constant fear, receptive to everything happening around us- atleast most of us do. We all want to be “that girl”. Seeing photos on social media, we tend to get jealous and then get depressed into thinking we have no life. Honestly,it happens to all of us-happens to me all the time. But remember, it’s all just a show, most of it is fake. So whenever you get emo or depressed phone up a friend, watch your favorite TV show, dance or exercise (endorphins are good), listen to up-beat music. It’ll all get better,in just a moment.

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

All’s well that ends well.

Just be happy, you don’t always need to socialize and take pictures or go to parties to be happy. Learn to find the bliss in solitude. And never give up hope.

until next time,